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Etude House Eye make up remover

I’ve joined the Etude House bandwagon late, because 1) I am not much of a fan of Korean products and 2) I don’t like their packaging. It is too girly for my taste.

But, I have to give props to the performance of their products. My sister got me into the “brows on fleek” addiction that I now buy their brow liner, eye brow mascara, bought a multi purpose eye make up brush as well and this make up remover:

This product is so good, that I am not even halfway through the Lip and Eye Remover, I already bought another one to stock up. The mascara remover (tiny bottle) is actually free with the purchases I made so I got to try it. I do not like the small one, because it stings on first application but I can vouch that the Lip and Eye make up remover works very well.

Very well that I look forward to doing my brows each morning and taking them off at night with this remover.

Now that only thing I’m not feeling is the way the sales ladies greet you when you go inside an Etude House store in the Philippines…

“Hello Princess!”





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