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PAL: In flight wifi and iPad/iPhone streaming

The last time I flew PAL was in 2006, en route to Palawan. I was excited to ride it again (been taking Cebu Pacific for quite a long time) because my ticket gave me 30kgs check in, 7kg hand carry and an in flight meal. In fact, it offers the same privilege when I took Emirates for my UK trip last year.

Bad News: They don’t have TV / individual TVs for A330-330 airbus type.

Good news: It’s only a 3.5 plane ride away from the Philippines anyway. I can just watch on my laptop.

They offer in flight wifi, $10 for 1 hour. and $40 for the duration of the flight and for a maximum of data usage.

But another option they have, is to stream the movies using their on air wifi and watch it on your mobile phone/tablet.

Here’s how:

  • Download myPal player link for iOs here
  • Connect phone/iPad to “On Air”wifi
  • Open the app and use it to view movies, TV shows and even albums.
  • Tutorial videos below.


  1. Since there’s no TV, I downloaded the app on my iPad the night before our flight:

IMG_0812 from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.

2. I connected to the ON AIR Wifi, and streamed it using my Ipad. Check out the movies. Not a lot of new ones though.

IMG_0813 from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.

3. I chose Magic Mike XXL on the plane because I haven’t seen it. But the Tito beside me is watching my iPad and I got embarrased as soon as Channing Tatum was about to start gyrating on the screen.

IMG_0814 from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.
4. I chose the next best thing: Hang Over 3, the last installment of one of favorite trilogy movies.

IMG_0815 from The Kea Channel on Vimeo.




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