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Day 4 of 5 in Thailand : Finally, a free day!

Yey for Saturday!

This whole Saturday we had the whole day off to just be all touristy. We did not join the conference’s half day city tour (it’s 70USD) and decided to just tour Bangkok by ourselves and came up with our own DIY adventure.

It’s fun touring Bangkok like a local. I can now understand why my cousin loves Bangkok. I haven’t even left yet when I decided that I really want to come back. I hope I would stumble upon a really good deal for a plane ticket.

At night time, we were really tired. My pedometer phone app says we walked more than 18,000 steps that day. But by night time, Frankie decided he wanted to grab something to eat and do some last minute shopping.

Since it’s our last night in Bangkok, might as well enjoy it. Laban! (Fight!)

So we went to Patpong once again (Silom area), good thing it’s long walking distance from our hotel. We went to the other side of the red light district and this time it’s the hangout of beautiful gay men. It’s where I capped the night off with a cosmopolitan ala Sex and the City!

My goodness! I really have to come back and next time, I’m taking more friends with me!


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