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Day 1 of 5: Finally we meet, Thailand!

I already had tickets to Bangkok last 2014, but due to its declaration of Martial Law, I had to give up the trip. Related story here.

Never thought I would be coming to Thailand this 2016, this early. All I was focused on this year was to save up ( cos of my major UK trip last year) and have my passport renewed this summer. Who would have thought that I would be able to use my passport just before I was about to schedule for a new one?

Anyway, big thanks to the screen capture function of today’s generation of smartphones, I was able to screen cap my Snapchat stories.

I am semi-regretting the fact that I actually brought a proper digital camera to take pictures but no, the millennial in me insists on taking phone pics and uploading them in Snap Chat (which only lasts for 24 hrs), than saving them.

Well, I did, actually but in a gallery. So all videos and photos were joined together in a video/slideshow.

Still, better than none. Charge to experience. I will go back to Thailand. I just know I will.



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