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Etude House’s 4-in-1 eye make up Brushes

I know I should not be spending since I have an upcoming trip, but I really could not let this pass by. 

It’s one of those purchases where you know that if you pass up, you will still think about it several weeks from now til you come back to get it. 

This is one of those purchases.

The 4-in-1 eye make up brush: 

It was actually my sister who found this pen. I was only planning on getting the make up remover (which I will blog about soon) when she saw this. 

This multi brush pen houses four eye make up brushes such as: Blending, Smudge, Edge liner and Gradiation.  Absolutely perfect for travelling! 
Plus the price was not so bad. It was roughly around Php500+ / less than Php600 for the price of four eye make up brushes. The brush bristles are soft and firm just the way I like it and Individual brushes costs like Php229/brush so I got to get a good value for money. But the best selling point is really how  convenient  it is for travelling!

How about you? Any good finds lately?


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