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Old pool, old memories

I have found myself standing in an old pool while we were looking for places to shoot for work.I remember this place but they told me that the pool area have already been closed.

Years ago, just a few steps into the stairs you can already hear the laughing, the shouting, the splashing of water and sound of footsteps of kids running. I never swam in this pool, but I do remember being twelve or thirteen years old and having been here in high school. I remember watching a group of guy classmates lift our chubby schoolmate up because he was having cramps. I was looking at this pool and can still recall watching the laughing, the running, and some other boys doing the cannon ball and splashing everyone in the pool. I remember laughing along with people, who I honestly do not know who specifically I am with.

I do remember why I came here back then. It was to see a boy.


That boy never liked me. He just toyed with the idea of me liking him.

But this post isn’t about that boy. This post is about me wondering how many childhood and teenage memories were made in this pool. And honestly it makes me a little sad, seeing old structures that once was close to me. Because I have vivid memories of my younger years in this area. I even recall a cement statue of a bullfrog some where in this place, and I have no care for amphibians.

But honestly, in reality it makes me feel sad.

Because it makes me feel old.



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