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Dear my future, 21 year old daughter,

I wrote this December 29, 2015. I know something must be up that day but I couldn’t quite remember it. I figured out it must be a total waste if I dont publish it. After all, what is blogging for? It’s going to go straight to my bin of memories that I would recall fondly. I hope.



Dear my future, 21 year old daughter,

Happy Birthday! Now you are legal across all countries. I will not dictate what to do with your life but as your mum, let me leave a few things here.

By now,I hope you are now graduating, or about to graduate. But it depends on the course you have taken, whatever it is, I hope it is what your heart most desired for.

If you already have a job, I suggest that you not be blinded by temporary fix such as bags and designer stuff. I failed a little in that category. Remember the latest fads fade away. Your uncle John, when we were 23 partying, bought a pre-selling condo and we thought he must be a little crazy. Now in the midst of hitting a quarter life crisis, your auntie Wen and I thought we shouldve been a little more like your uncle John. I suggest you make your own investment as early as now so by the time you are 30, you have a nice life portfolio for yourself. I did that when I was 25 and my milestones weren’t as bad as those who never had one.

I would advise you not to run after high pay right away. I suggest you hone your craft. Always start at the bottom on your way up because the bottom part has more amazing discoveries and strength foundation. I did that when the BPO industry was starting to bloom. I worked my way up, but only to find out I have no heart for it. It just so happen that I was good at it. This is because I ran after the high paying job, the money. I should’ve pursued my passion first when my ego was smaller, and my heart was easier to heal.

When you decide to come back home with nothing to show, I will not blame you. I will not remind you that with your high salary after working for 6 years went to nothing. I will not bring it up. If your life didn’t turn out the way you wanted, it’s okay. You will start all over again. And it’s one of the bravest thing to do. You have my support.

Mummy might be having a personal crisis of her own, but please share your thoughts to me. I would love to get to know you. How much you have held on your own. How I managed to raise you after all these years.

I hope you turn out to be someone I champion. No, I will not pressure you into over achieving but I do hope you will have a better heart, way better than mine.

I know you will.

Love always and forever,



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