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Where to eat in Sagada: What not to miss, restaurant wise

We only had 1.5 days in Sagada since it was a Valentine’s weekend getaway. So before heading to Sagada, Aya researched all the really good places to eat while we’re there.

WARNING: Those stuff you read in blogs are true. Food is expensive, think…Manila rate. A really good food costs you around Php150-200 on average. And that’sj ust a simple meal. Php200.00 + if it’s really good.

But the good news is, even if you pay a lot, the food is really good. All those physical activities we did while we’re there? We recovered back up by eating.

Here are some restaurants that you should not miss:

  1. The Sagada Lemon Pie House

The good: My goodness! I love Lemon and its was really good. I even paired it with a lemon tea! This is the first meal we had the moment we settled ourselves in.

The bad: It’s like they do not have a fixed business hours. One minute they’re open, the following day they are closed at the time you would expect customers to come. Also, they lack manpower. One lady takes orders, serves the food, and check on the kitchen.

FotorCreated_LemonPie2. Masferre Country Inn and Restaurant

Our friend Yeye, who met us up in Manila before we left for Sagada, recomended that we should try this one.

The good: Large serving, nice customer service, good taste and free wifi!

The bad: Pretty expensive. Rates start at 180 – 200+. But worth it.FotorCreated_Masferre

3. Sagada Brew

On our first night we decided to get coffee in this place. It was pretty packed when we got there.

The good: The cake is delish. I ordered the peppermint chocolate with marshmallows (thinking I’d get the mini mallows like those of Swiss Miss kind…well, well, Surprise!)

The bad: So-lo-hooowww customer service. Lack of Man power. Coffee rates start at 100+. Lots of irate customers threatening to leave and cancel order because there’s only one person manning the cashier and serving of the food.


4. Yoghurt House

“They serve really good breakfast meal!” Yeye said. And so, right after we went down from Kiltepan, we sent straight to this place to have breakfast. But we had to wait because they open at 8:30 in the morning.

The Good: I love their breakfast food! Really worth the wait.

The Bad: Again, it’s expensive. Prices are around 150+. The Yoghurt was not to our liking, considering we got the bestseller one. We got the Strawberry one. I knew we should’ve gone with the choco stuff instead.



5. Salt and Pepper Diner

We had an action packed day of Navigating (and surviving the Sumaging Cave and going straight to Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins). We had lunch at 3pm and since it’s on our way to the place where we stayed, we might as well eat here.

The good: Affordable, but still price is 150+.

The bad: Well, I cannot think of any. Except that we have to climb up stairs with aching body.FotorCreated_SaltNPepper

To sum it all up:

  • Food is good, but expensive.
  • They lack manpower.
  • Majority of the restaurant’s crew/staff aren’t as friendly as tour guides. One restaurant is even borderline rude. Of course the most rude of them all is not featured here.
  • All shops close at 8pm.

(Additional photo credits: Paully and Aya, who were with me during this trip.)


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