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When in UK: Home in Harrogate

2015-08-20 17.53.21

We have a home in Harrogate. And I will always be forever thankful that this was our home base during our one month trip to the UK. Imagine, finally being able to see and visualize all these years of stories and looking beyond just Skype backgrounds. It was incredible to finally be able to relate.

Kuya Stew and his wife Jaydee took us to all these places where the locals would go. Kuya took us to the park where he lived, what they do there when they were kids. Uncle Dave took us to his workshop and showed all the projects he’s been doing. He also took us around and showed us where our cousins used to go to school during their middle school years. It was nice to finally put a picture on what I only used to read in slum books when we were kids.

Jaydee introduced us to her cousin and their nice little community of Filipina friends. In a typical and traditional Filipino culture, the mini lunch party was loaded with a lot of good Filipino food, super scrumptious cake (probably the best cake I’ve ever had) and a mini karaoke party on the other side of the room.

That’s why, few days before our flight back to the Philippines, I could not help but write this on my instagram:

At age eight, I have memorized this address from reading it from the back of care packages, greeting cards, and letters sent through the years. This served as our home away from home.

Apart from the house, I will surely miss a lot of things in this neighborhood: The cold weather that drops til 8 degrees; the nice people that call you “love”; the wide selection of grocery items; the abundance of chocolates; ice cream that don’t melt easily; the picturesque town and their shops; the swanky old pubs; the good customer service; clean and traffic-free roads; beautiful flowers growing randomly at every park; their delicious tap water; the cirrus clouds that turn pink in the dusk; and I could go on.

I can see now why this place was voted as the “Happiest place to live in Great Britain” and I am glad that during our stay in the UK, we get to call it home.

2015-08-20 17.50.592015-08-20 17.45.252015-08-20 18.02.382015-08-20 18.10.392015-08-20 18.57.592015-09-08 16.31.112015-09-08 16.31.04

Ate Chim told us that when people in UK learned that you are from Harrogate, they let out a “Whooow”, because it’s the happiest place to live in UK.

On our way back to the Philippines, someone asked my sister where we stayed and she told them that we went to stay with our Aunt and Uncle who lives in Harrogate. She got the “Oooohh…”as well.


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