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When in UK: M&Ms world in London

I am and will always be in love with Chocolate. But even I could not take the dizzyness of being in M&Ms world in Leicester Square in London.

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Imagine, that’s three floors of all M&Ms goodness. What’s more? It all comes in every imaginable flavors and colors.

You can mix and match your M&Ms combination and they wil weigh everything in and you will pay for how much it costs according to weigh. I am not sure about the price but it’s like £10 for 100gs.


M&Ms world is open until 12 midnight except on Sundays and it included in the London Pass. Honestly, without the London pass you can go in. London pass will just enable you to purchase at a small discounted price (as everything is expensive in London).


3 thoughts on “When in UK: M&Ms world in London

  1. I love M&Ms! But you are a brave person! This place is so crazy busy, most of the time you can’t even get in the door!


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