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When in UK: Shared experience in Stonehenge

En route to London, we went to Stonehenge first. This trip to stonehenge is our first ever shared experience because none of us has ever been there and it is also considered one of the wonders of the world. I will not blab too much about it as you can just google more stuff about it.

Contrary to what you might think, you can not go near the stones because the land is sensitive and it is also a burial ground. There are ropes that limit your distance to the stones but still it is picturesque.

Spoiler alert though, those who have been to Stonhenge would know relate to what I have captioned in my instagram photo:

“Better to have seen it once that read/hear about it a thousand times.”

It just feels overrated for me. The huge stones weren’t even that big and an even spoiler alert, nobody really knew why it was built.

But we had a great time walking and taking photos. After all, how often can you find yourself standing in front of one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites? Right?


GOPR13852015-08-21 14.39.11GOPR13902015-08-21 14.47.11GOPR14122015-08-21 15.05.47

Stonehenge is our first stop for our fist ever cousins and cousins-in-law holiday trip. Wow, we really are all grown ups now.


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