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When in UK: Fish and Chips in the UK Bucket List

Fish and Chips is actually a staple in the UK. The first Fish and Chips that we got was in Llandudno beach in Wales. Usually fish is either Cod or Haddock and the chips are really big ones, like large sized french fry, only they are called Chips. And you eat it with malt vinegar and salt, and you can condiments when you like it.

2015-08-12 19.21.43

And we ate it by the beach. Actually not on the actual sand part, but at the park facing the beach.

2015-08-12 14.32.03

But according to my cousin, the really good Fish and Chips are from Scarborough. So we went to Scarborough and this is where we bought ours:

2015-08-16 18.20.18

I forgot to take photos of it but it looks pretty much the same, but it’s true that the Fish and Chips is tastes better in Scarborough.

Before we left for the airport on our last day, I had one last request for Fish and Chips. This one my cousin and uncle got as take away and we ate it at home:


I’ve been craving for Fish and Chips for weeks now. I wonder if there’s an actual retaurant in Boracay that’s called “Tilapia and Chips“but it’s not close enough.


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