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Dear Twenties

Dear Twenties,

As someone who have survived your current exciting world, and as someone who is currently trying thrive in my new bracket, I think you should know by as early as now that even if you made safe decisions and intelligent choices in your life, you will still pay for life, most commonly called adulthood.

I thought by taking such precautions, I would be safe. But no, I am silently in pain because, well, the pain of adulthood is a given. I just wish someone could’ve thrown some precautions at me. But who really knew?

Dont get me wrong, I am sure somebody else out there wants my problems, and it’s not like I’ve never hit rock bottom, because trust me, I did. It’s just that how come some have it easy and I dont.

I know stuff do not last forever and we just operate in circles with our yin and yangs. But why does mine seems to have an hour of yin and only a minute of yang. There I go again, adulthood mistake number 1: Comparing yourself to others.

Forgive me, I dont want to rant. Sometimes, I find myself asking if this is really where I am supposed to be. Things in me and my (other) friends’ lives turned out something that we did not see coming. And honestly, my choices and preferences have turned out to be different compared to what is expected of me. Sometimes, when I hear some twentysomething stressed saying they have not figured life out, well guess what? At thirty something, you would still feel that way. I don’t know how, after we’ve been equipped with years of wisdom and experience, that’s the time we became afraid to jump.

I know that some have it harder. I mean, someone I know can easily come up with something like “at least you do not have a child” and ” good thing you’re only looking after yourself” but guess what? There is always an equivalent to the others’ major concerns in our side of the fence.

Sure my issues are not about diapers, tuition, infidelity, or in-laws, but they are just as valid as anyone else’s. You should also know by this time, everyone has a designated, assigned battle that we know nothing about, so maybe I should just quit writing this. I mean I can spend all day just mapping out a life plan despite my anxiety and it would still turn out to be different from what I thought it would be. So what’s the best plan? No plan! But I will leave you something, let’s take it day by day, because what can you do about the future? Why don’t we make a conscious effort to make small happy memories and tiny victories each day and gradually accumulate a good memory that will, hopefully, turn out as a good life.

Best of luck to both of us,


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